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Microsoft Viva Expert Consulting Services

Elevate Collaboration and Productivity

Unlock the full potential of Microsoft Viva with our expert services tailored to your organization's needs. From captivating custom demos to seamless implementations, we guide you through every step of the journey, ensuring a transformative experience.

Custom Demos

Immerse yourself in personalized demos that showcase the capabilities of Microsoft Viva aligned with your organization's goals. Witness firsthand how Viva can enhance collaboration, employee engagement, and overall productivity.

Proof of Concepts (POCs): Tangible Results, Measurable Impact

Collaborate with our seasoned experts to implement POCs tailored to your unique requirements. Measure the real impact of Microsoft Viva on your organization's productivity and witness the tangible results that set the stage for success.

Seamless Implementations: Strategic Integrations for Success

Our experts guide you through a strategic and efficient implementation process, ensuring a seamless integration of Microsoft Viva into your workflow. From planning to ongoing support, we prioritize a smooth transition for your organization.

  • What is Microsoft Viva for?
    Microsoft Viva is a suite of applications that allows organizations to engage with their employees in meaningful and intentional ways. From Engagement to Workplace Analytics and Learning Management, Viva provides you with the tools to manage your entire employee experience in a single solution.
  • What are some Microsoft Viva Features?
    Microsoft Viva is a robust suite that ranges in functionality based on the module. For employee communication - Connections/Engage/ and Amplify are tools that focus on connecting with employees where they work. For Analytics and Feedback - Insights/ Glint/ and Pulse are tools that allow users to understand how they work and provide feedback on a team and organizational level. Viva Goals also functions as the hub for teams to align their work with organizational initiatives. As far as Learning and Knowledge management - Viva Learning serves as the hub for internal training, resources and knowledge share.
  • What can Microsoft Viva Do?
    Depending on the module - Viva can assist in anything from employee communications to learning and knowledge management. Check out the features above to get a better understanding of what each module does!
  • Is Microsoft Viva Included in O365?
    Only basic functionality of Engage, Connections, and Insights are included in some Microsoft 365 Enterprise Plans.
  • Is Microsoft Viva used to spy on employees?
    As Microsoft Viva utilizes some information based on user behavior many people think that it is a spyware tool however it is not. The information utilized is only for your benefit!


Discover the unique features that Viva configured by Alias Technologies brings to your organization. Our innovative approach and exceptional services are designed to transform the way you engage.

viva topics

Viva Topics

viva engage

Viva Engage

viva goals

Viva Goals

microsoft viva

Viva Glint

viva connections

Viva Connections

viva learning

Viva Engage


Viva Insights

viva pulse

Viva Pulse

Transform with Viva

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