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Why Choose Alias Technologies?


Our mission is to make IT make sense. With varying license agreements, regulatory requirements, and a complex partner ecosystem, compliance is a common challenge for business. Even more common is the underutilization and over-allocation of company assets. Compound this with rapidly changing market trends, product standards, and a proliferation of vendors and tools to address the challenges of modern business; and what do you get? A continuum of disruption. How are you managing these disruptors?


Through a client-obsessed approach, Alias aims to champion your business by leading continuous response to these pressures. We focus on optimizing the technology underpinning your most critical operations. Together with your priorities and roadmap, we utilize cost reduction techniques and align solutions that drive innovation and fuel growth, and are able to help clients achieve new heights in software lifecycle management.

Alias Technologies is truly a one-stop shop for all software vendors. Be that renewals or net new licensing, we can assist you in all aspects of your software procurement process. 


With certified Microsoft Specialists and tenured Sales Professionals, we can navigate the complex maze of licensing schemes and the various compliance regulations associated with software licensing


Let us do the heavy lifting for you. Your account team at Alias can assist you in all of your IT projects. Allow us to consolidate your options and leave the decision making to you!

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